Best transformation advice

Accept the concept of a lean, vibrant and healthy you into your life.

Changing mindset

I would like you to divide a sheet of paper into two columns. Title the left column, “In the past…” and the right column, “As of today…” This is called a declaration of intent. You are putting a principle called the law of intention to work for you

Second, write down the top five things that you feel have held you back from achieving the body and the health you desire.

Third, next to each of these five reasons for past challenges, I want you to dare something massive, something larger than yourself. I want you to “dare to dream” as they say, but this will not be a dream—this will be your future’s future.

How Diets & workout fail sometimes.

Diets & workout fail for the same reason your past intentions have let you down—they were too small and too limited in scope.

Think about it this way: a “diet & workout” are something you start and then stop. Does this sound like an efficient way to reprogram your mind for a lifestyle of health and leanness?

If you say to yourself, “I want to lose Ten kilograms,” and that’s all you say, you have not given your mind a large enough reason to propel you to move beyond your current comfort zone.

Humans love to be comfortable, correct and certain—the three “Cs” than can lead you to a C average in life! Now, certainty is one of the best things you can ever achieve in your life as long as that certainty is based on truth.

However, comfort and correctness can lead to absolute misery.

We were not designed to be comfortable. I am not speaking of pleasures, such as sitting in the warm sun, or curling up in a comfy bed with a book. I am speaking of a state to where our bodies are not challenged, our minds are not in a state of expansion, and our spirits are stifled. This type of comfort must be challenged daily, otherwise we stop living and begin to merely exist.

Look at that list on the left-hand side of your sheet of paper—the reasons the past has let you down. Notice if you will that in every instance there was an underlying desire to remain in your zone of comfort.

You cannot be within a comfort zone and be growing at the same time. However, you can be comfortably growing. There is a difference, and it is all between your ears.

How Tabata Fitness can help?

Reach out to us we will help you understand the concept and help you design and achieve your goals, for the change that you need to become better you.

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Get Fit Get Happy.

Why go to the gym?

As life got easier there is one thing we have forgotten to do that is to MOVE. Earlier we used to fight over who will go and get things from the market which was 50 steps away from our home. But now we just order it online and companies are spoiling customers with delivery time as low as 8 minutes. A gym membership of ₹ 2000/- is expensive, but spending in a fancy restaurant once a week doest bother us.

Then we sit and wonder how come every second person we know has diabetes today, or that cardiac issues are on the rise.

Is Our body screaming for help?

  • Do you get up cranky, where you hate the world for making you get up. You cannot function till you have had your morning coffee/ tea?
  • Do you feel exhausted at noon or post lunch, and cannot seem to fall asleep at bedtime?
  • Are you waking up every hour at night?
  • What used to be occasional parties on birthdays have become a weekend thing now or worse you cannot fall asleep without couple of drinks.

If any of this sounds like you. WAKE UP! And Hit a gym near you. You don’t have to kill yourself in the gym. But getting active will go a long way. getting your body weight in a healthy range is way easier than you think, Here at Tabata Fitness, Gomti Nagar you get a lot of variety in workout regimes to choose from so going to the gym becomes fun and not a task. Tabata Fitness offers variety of group activities like “Tabata Circuit” “Tabata Pump” “Yoga” “Zumba” “Mobility workout” and semi Private personal training to meet individual fitness goals such as weight loss, toning, weight gain, rehabilitation, muscle gain, Stamina building.

At Tabata fitness members are regular in their workout regime and start getting results within the 1st month only.

Few ways to be regular at the gym.

  • Set realistic goals.
  • Go with a friend.
  • Start with 30 mins per day 5 times a week. 
  • Hire a personal trainer who can coach you with your form, progression.

If you are not sure where to start get in touch with us at Tabata fitness, Gomti nagar. We will help you figure out your custom fitness plan.

Go Nuts

Nuts are the most undermined food there is. They are packed with
phytochemicals, antioxidants which have amazing effects on the
biochemistry of our body.  They are a rich source of proteins,
vitamins and minerals. Research shows that including nuts in the daily
diet will have good results on the cholesterol levels and heart health
in general.

Life style diseases are on a rise with us working 10 hours a day and
reaching for packaged foods, ready to eat meals or ordering in. Levels
of nutrition taken in is decreasing. We are eating to fill our
stomachs rather than mindfully eating a balanced diet. Then we switch
to medical supplements for our daily vitamins, minerals and other
micro nutrients.

Simple steps will help us gain balanced nutrition, like including Almonds in your diet will give you your daily calcium requirement. Our suggestion is to soak them overnight and having them in the morning. They are a great way of maintaining your blood glucose levels.

Cashews get a bad name for being a calorie rich food, one which puts
on weight, but carrying cashews along for a evening snack will allow
you to fill in your dietary requirements and not hog on to chips and

Walnuts are a superfood and a rich source of omega 3s fatty acid. They
are really good to maintain or improve gut health, lower blood
pressure and decrease inflammation.

Eating Pistachios after a long day work will help in boosting immunity
and stamina.

Everyone makes carbohydrates to be this big villain causing weight
gain, however not many understand their importance in maintaining our
everyday energy requirements.

Planning the weekly meals in advance is another great way to make sure
you are having a balanced diet. Cutting veggies on a Sunday and making
small boxes of prep meals will go a long way in ensuring we eat
healthy because neither diet alone nor exercise alone will give you
the desired results.

Let’s talk health

We learnt in school health is the absence of diseases. However, since then the term has grown, way beyond just absence of physical health. Currently the WHO defines health in terms of physical, psychological, and social parameters.

Let’s look into how we can build each of these today.

What is physical health? Being a particular size? Being able to fit into a particular brand of clothes? You will find more and more people being open to the idea that its really not! It’s not about wearing fitness bands whole day and completing your 10k steps any more. It’s about not getting tired when you lift your kid when they ask for it. It’s not feeling lethargic to go out to buy chillies and ginger when mom asks. It’s about climbing the 3 flights of stairs to office if the lift is under maintenance. How do we achieve it. Number one watch what you eat, and I am not talking about counting calories or weighing every single grain that you consume. It’s basically just eating when you are really hungry. Trying to eat as many home cooked meals as possible. Including fruits and vegetables in out diet. Not fussing over sugar and rice. Just enjoying the biryani without having the compulsive need to gram hot water with lemon. Join a gym. Start lifting, it will change your life.

We can maintain our psychological and social health by having brunch/ dinner dates with our family and friends where all of us eat and keep our phones off the brunch/ dinner table. Next do not compare yourself with anyone over social media. No one usually posts all the bad things that happened to them. Lastly, reach out mostly people in your life are ready to help just reach out, seek professional help. Pushing our problems inside the carpet will only pile on the issue. Best is to address it head on.


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