Get Fit Get Happy.

Why go to the gym?

As life got easier there is one thing we have forgotten to do that is to MOVE. Earlier we used to fight over who will go and get things from the market which was 50 steps away from our home. But now we just order it online and companies are spoiling customers with delivery time as low as 8 minutes. A gym membership of ₹ 2000/- is expensive, but spending in a fancy restaurant once a week doest bother us.

Then we sit and wonder how come every second person we know has diabetes today, or that cardiac issues are on the rise.

Is Our body screaming for help?

  • Do you get up cranky, where you hate the world for making you get up. You cannot function till you have had your morning coffee/ tea?
  • Do you feel exhausted at noon or post lunch, and cannot seem to fall asleep at bedtime?
  • Are you waking up every hour at night?
  • What used to be occasional parties on birthdays have become a weekend thing now or worse you cannot fall asleep without couple of drinks.

If any of this sounds like you. WAKE UP! And Hit a gym near you. You don’t have to kill yourself in the gym. But getting active will go a long way. getting your body weight in a healthy range is way easier than you think, Here at Tabata Fitness, Gomti Nagar you get a lot of variety in workout regimes to choose from so going to the gym becomes fun and not a task. Tabata Fitness offers variety of group activities like “Tabata Circuit” “Tabata Pump” “Yoga” “Zumba” “Mobility workout” and semi Private personal training to meet individual fitness goals such as weight loss, toning, weight gain, rehabilitation, muscle gain, Stamina building.

At Tabata fitness members are regular in their workout regime and start getting results within the 1st month only.

Few ways to be regular at the gym.

  • Set realistic goals.
  • Go with a friend.
  • Start with 30 mins per day 5 times a week. 
  • Hire a personal trainer who can coach you with your form, progression.

If you are not sure where to start get in touch with us at Tabata fitness, Gomti nagar. We will help you figure out your custom fitness plan.


Training is the latest and the hottest trend in the fitness industry and it requires various cool equipment. This quick and challenging workout provides similar health benefits as that of long cardio workout. Tabata Protocol is a HIIE training method given by Japanese scientist Dr Izumi Tabata, which by now is one of the best time-efficient strategies and is the most precise way to burn abdominal fat. When done right, Tabata has an 'After-burn effect'; you keep burning calories for hours even after your workout has ended.

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