Go Nuts

Nuts are the most undermined food there is. They are packed with
phytochemicals, antioxidants which have amazing effects on the
biochemistry of our body.  They are a rich source of proteins,
vitamins and minerals. Research shows that including nuts in the daily
diet will have good results on the cholesterol levels and heart health
in general.

Life style diseases are on a rise with us working 10 hours a day and
reaching for packaged foods, ready to eat meals or ordering in. Levels
of nutrition taken in is decreasing. We are eating to fill our
stomachs rather than mindfully eating a balanced diet. Then we switch
to medical supplements for our daily vitamins, minerals and other
micro nutrients.

Simple steps will help us gain balanced nutrition, like including Almonds in your diet will give you your daily calcium requirement. Our suggestion is to soak them overnight and having them in the morning. They are a great way of maintaining your blood glucose levels.

Cashews get a bad name for being a calorie rich food, one which puts
on weight, but carrying cashews along for a evening snack will allow
you to fill in your dietary requirements and not hog on to chips and

Walnuts are a superfood and a rich source of omega 3s fatty acid. They
are really good to maintain or improve gut health, lower blood
pressure and decrease inflammation.

Eating Pistachios after a long day work will help in boosting immunity
and stamina.

Everyone makes carbohydrates to be this big villain causing weight
gain, however not many understand their importance in maintaining our
everyday energy requirements.

Planning the weekly meals in advance is another great way to make sure
you are having a balanced diet. Cutting veggies on a Sunday and making
small boxes of prep meals will go a long way in ensuring we eat
healthy because neither diet alone nor exercise alone will give you
the desired results.


Training is the latest and the hottest trend in the fitness industry and it requires various cool equipment. This quick and challenging workout provides similar health benefits as that of long cardio workout. Tabata Protocol is a HIIE training method given by Japanese scientist Dr Izumi Tabata, which by now is one of the best time-efficient strategies and is the most precise way to burn abdominal fat. When done right, Tabata has an 'After-burn effect'; you keep burning calories for hours even after your workout has ended.

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