Let’s talk health

We learnt in school health is the absence of diseases. However, since then the term has grown, way beyond just absence of physical health. Currently the WHO defines health in terms of physical, psychological, and social parameters.

Let’s look into how we can build each of these today.

What is physical health? Being a particular size? Being able to fit into a particular brand of clothes? You will find more and more people being open to the idea that its really not! It’s not about wearing fitness bands whole day and completing your 10k steps any more. It’s about not getting tired when you lift your kid when they ask for it. It’s not feeling lethargic to go out to buy chillies and ginger when mom asks. It’s about climbing the 3 flights of stairs to office if the lift is under maintenance. How do we achieve it. Number one watch what you eat, and I am not talking about counting calories or weighing every single grain that you consume. It’s basically just eating when you are really hungry. Trying to eat as many home cooked meals as possible. Including fruits and vegetables in out diet. Not fussing over sugar and rice. Just enjoying the biryani without having the compulsive need to gram hot water with lemon. Join a gym. Start lifting, it will change your life.

We can maintain our psychological and social health by having brunch/ dinner dates with our family and friends where all of us eat and keep our phones off the brunch/ dinner table. Next do not compare yourself with anyone over social media. No one usually posts all the bad things that happened to them. Lastly, reach out mostly people in your life are ready to help just reach out, seek professional help. Pushing our problems inside the carpet will only pile on the issue. Best is to address it head on.


TABATA fitness


Training is the latest and the hottest trend in the fitness industry and it requires various cool equipment. This quick and challenging workout provides similar health benefits as that of long cardio workout. Tabata Protocol is a HIIE training method given by Japanese scientist Dr Izumi Tabata, which by now is one of the best time-efficient strategies and is the most precise way to burn abdominal fat. When done right, Tabata has an 'After-burn effect'; you keep burning calories for hours even after your workout has ended.

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