Best transformation advice

Accept the concept of a lean, vibrant and healthy you into your life.

Changing mindset

I would like you to divide a sheet of paper into two columns. Title the left column, “In the past…” and the right column, “As of today…” This is called a declaration of intent. You are putting a principle called the law of intention to work for you

Second, write down the top five things that you feel have held you back from achieving the body and the health you desire.

Third, next to each of these five reasons for past challenges, I want you to dare something massive, something larger than yourself. I want you to “dare to dream” as they say, but this will not be a dream—this will be your future’s future.

How Diets & workout fail sometimes.

Diets & workout fail for the same reason your past intentions have let you down—they were too small and too limited in scope.

Think about it this way: a “diet & workout” are something you start and then stop. Does this sound like an efficient way to reprogram your mind for a lifestyle of health and leanness?

If you say to yourself, “I want to lose Ten kilograms,” and that’s all you say, you have not given your mind a large enough reason to propel you to move beyond your current comfort zone.

Humans love to be comfortable, correct and certain—the three “Cs” than can lead you to a C average in life! Now, certainty is one of the best things you can ever achieve in your life as long as that certainty is based on truth.

However, comfort and correctness can lead to absolute misery.

We were not designed to be comfortable. I am not speaking of pleasures, such as sitting in the warm sun, or curling up in a comfy bed with a book. I am speaking of a state to where our bodies are not challenged, our minds are not in a state of expansion, and our spirits are stifled. This type of comfort must be challenged daily, otherwise we stop living and begin to merely exist.

Look at that list on the left-hand side of your sheet of paper—the reasons the past has let you down. Notice if you will that in every instance there was an underlying desire to remain in your zone of comfort.

You cannot be within a comfort zone and be growing at the same time. However, you can be comfortably growing. There is a difference, and it is all between your ears.

How Tabata Fitness can help?

Reach out to us we will help you understand the concept and help you design and achieve your goals, for the change that you need to become better you.

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Training is the latest and the hottest trend in the fitness industry and it requires various cool equipment. This quick and challenging workout provides similar health benefits as that of long cardio workout. Tabata Protocol is a HIIE training method given by Japanese scientist Dr Izumi Tabata, which by now is one of the best time-efficient strategies and is the most precise way to burn abdominal fat. When done right, Tabata has an 'After-burn effect'; you keep burning calories for hours even after your workout has ended.

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